Gas Techno Rayan (GTR) is committed to solving key environmental and energy challenges through the application of its innovative technical solutions and its main equipment. The main members of GTR company are a number of graduates of prominent universities in Iran.
For many decades to come, the world will continue to rely on liquid fuels (gasoline and diesel) for transportation. Producing clean-burning, premium fuels from waste and alternative feedstocks will be key to meet the world’s increasing energy needs in an environmentally friendly manner.
GTRayan company is going to be the market leader to Direct Fuel Production systems produce premium, clean-burning liquid fuels from alternative and waste resources including flare gas, natural gas, cryogenic plants (LNG, ASU, He recover, and other materials).​​​​​​​ Moreover, GTR aims to design and manufacture both off-gas reciprocating, screw, and integrally geared compressors and high-speed gearboxes.  

Helium Recove​​​​​​​ry

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Off-Gas reciprocating,​​​​​​​ screw, and integrally geared compressors


High-speed Gearbox​​​​​​​

GTR is considered as an innovative designing, engineering, and manufacturing company in Iran's oil and gas industry due to the expertise of its engineers. The main purposes of this company are to develop flare gas recovery processes, manufacture bottleneck equipment such as reciprocating compressors and high-speed gearboxes, and helium recovery from natural gas.​​​​​​

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